Committee 2019/20

Committee Members 2019-20




Club President David Verriere sdacpresident@gmail.com
Vice President Daniela Cook
Secretary John-Paul Amputch sdacsecretary@gmail.com 0410 628 934
Public Officer John-Paul Amputch
Treasurer Mel Nicholas sdactreasurer@gmail.com 0402 747 621
Registrar Penny Nash penelope_nash@hotmail.com
Uniforms Officer Bec Whye-Millers
Coaching & Education Coordinator John-Paul Amputch
Age Managers Coordinator Rosie Jenkins
Officer for Organisation of Officials
Information and Publicity Officer Adam Hepper
Championships Coordinator Kim Verriere
Equipment Officer Richard Palmer
Grounds Maintenance Coordinator Todd Devery
Canteen & Catering Coordinator Leanne Kennedy
Fundraising Officer Mel Nicholas sdactreasurer@gmail.com
Club Records Officer Penny Nash
General Committee Marissa McGregor
General Committee Jaemes Driver
General Committee
General Committee