Jobs Info – How to ‘Starter’


We have two starters, one on the straight track and one on the circular track.

Please watch the following 1 minute video to give you a good idea of how it works:



On the day our Starter Kit will contain everything you need to get the races running.


What Do I Need To Start A Race?
Hearing protection: Ear muffs/plugs· Starting apparatus: Starting gun: caps /ammunition, Electronic starting· gun, Red/white paddle to communicate with Helpers/Timers at the end of the track.


Who do I work with?

Straight Track Starter:

Upon firing, our electronic starter gun sends a signal to the computer that starts the timing. Our helpers at the end of the track will then enter athlete numbers. Once finished entering numbers the computer helper will raise their white paddle to let you know that the next race is ready to begin.

Circular Track Starter:

The majority of the time this starter will be communicating with people manually timing with stopwatches at the finish line. White / Red paddles are used to communicate.



Where Do I Stand To Start Races?

On The Straight Track:

Rule of thumb: On inside of the track: 7metres forward of start line. Far enough so as to not damage young ears in Lane 1 J
On The Circular Track:

Dependent on site constraints:
At rear of athletes close to lane 8,·
15m behind lane 1 start line· Forward of the athletes, outside track; several metres forward of lane· On infield, close to lane 1; approximately 15m rear of lane 1 start line·


What Are The Rules Of Starting?
If athlete leaves (breaks) their mark before gun is fired, starter declares a false start, the gun is fired for the second time to alert runners of false start.
Toes behind the line for standing starts, fingers behind the line for crouch / block starts.


How Do I Start A Race?
In all meets the Starter should ensure the track is clear before the gun is fired
In races up to and including 400m, the command is “On Your Marks” “Set” – gun
· In races over 400m, the command is “On Your Marks” – gun
· The length of time between each command is not counted or fixed, but should be a reasonable length of time whereby all athletes are settled and no movement detected. The command will vary, especially between athletes doing standing and crouch starts.
If an athlete is taking too long to settle into the “Set” position, as Starter ask all the· athletes to stand up and begin the commands again
As soon as you as Starter have determined that all athletes are ready, the gun· should be fired


What Are The Safety “Duty Of Care” Responsibilities?
All ammunition should be stored in cool dry container
Wear protective ear plugs or muffs·
Ensure that you are far away from young ears when firing (approx 7metres)