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Improvement Points


Each week Improvement points are earned by participating athletes in each event based on their results. Improvement Points are calculated by the system from the results that are entered each week.

The club awards Improvement Point certificates based on the following improvement points scoring system.

​Also the child with the highest number of average improvement points from each age group will receive the Most Improved Award. There is also a Perpetual Trophy for the athlete who has the most Improvement Points from all age groups over the season.

Age Champions (Best in Age Points)

At the end of each season, individual age champions are selected, based on the  weekly points awarded throughout the season.  Points are awarded to all participants in each event, from 10 points for first place to 1 point for 10th place. 

In addition to the first three places in each age group, Achievement Awards are awarded to other athletes in each group based on frequency of participation.  All children will receive at least an Encouragement Award.

Senior athletes have a system of awards similar to the above. More information can be obtained from the By Laws.

Yearly Awards


At the end of each season, SDAC celebrates the achievements of all our athletes at our end of season awards presentation.

Best in Age - 1st, 2nd and 3rd

At the end of season the top three Best in Age athletes are recognised, based on point score at the end of season. 

Most Improved
Most Improved awards are based on personal best performance across multiple events at SDAC Competition day across the season and are awarded to a boy and girl in each age group (U6 to U17).

State Representatives
Athletes that compete at the LANSW State Track & Field Championships receive a certificate and gift for their achievements.

Club Records
Athletes who set new Club, Zone, Region or State records receive recognition.

Yearly Perpetual Awards


Age Manager of the Year

This is to recognise the contributions of age managers. It is decided by the committee and will be based on the age managers attendance and engagement of the values of improving the performance of the athletes in their age group.

Most Improved Athlete SDAC

This award is presented to the athlete who gains the most improvement points from all age groups over the full season. 

Joanne Cullen Encouragement Award

The club awards this trophy to an athlete from U6 to U9 age groups who has not won a Best in Age or Improved Trophy, but has made an outstanding effort during the season. The Age Managers of these age groups are asked to nominate athletes they believe are eligible and the committee decides upon the final recipient. The decision is based on input from club coaches and criteria such as Improvement Points and attendance. 

Gosbee Trophy Outstanding Achievement in Sprints

Sowerby Trophy Outstanding Achievement in Throws

Outstanding Achievement in Jumps

Richardson Trophy Endurance Athlete of the Year

Female Athlete of the Year

Male Athlete of the Year

Rickaby Trophy Outstanding All Round Athlete

SDAC Committee and Coaches retain full discretion over Season Awards.

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