2021-2022 Season Update

Due to current Covid-19 Safety Guidelines Springwood District Athletics Club states to attend  or compete during November, athletes 16yrs and over, and all attending parents/carers will need evidence of double vaccination.

The operation of our Club relies on parents volunteering to assist.


All Volunteers must complete the Department of Health COVID-19 Infection Control Training prior to volunteering. Please go to https://covid-19training.gov.au/login, register, then enrol in the course Infection Control Training – COVID 19. The training is very simple and takes about 10 minutes.

VOLUNTEER members will need to bring the following to registration collection day.

  • Completed Working with Children Declaration for every person planning on volunteering during the season (download here)

  • Acknowledgement of Infection Control Training – COVID 19 training certificate for every person planning on volunteering during the season



The Age Manager has one of the most important roles in Little Athletics. They are responsible for the caring and nurturing of our young athletes. Their role is to provide a supportive environment in which athletes can learn and develop. An athlete’s enjoyment of the sport will depend upon their experience at their local Little Athletics Centre and Age Managers have the ability to ensure that this experience is a positive one.

We appreciate that Age Managers are volunteers and thank them for taking on this significant role. It is a role that can be as rewarding as it is essential.


At SDAC our Age Managers are responsible for the following duties:

  • Collect your age group folder from the Age Manager wheelie drawers near the Canteen. Check that you have the correct forms for each week’s events.

  • At 8.30am comp begins. Use the timetable to see where and when your age group events take place.

  • With the assistance of parents, guide your group through their events. Encourage and support each child to correctly throw, jump, run & walk. Let us know if you need a hand with technique, rules, anything at all. There are some great event info sheets available here as well as the Guide for Age Managers at the bottom of this page.

  • Please ensure that results are being correctly recorded on the blank sheets. You will need to enter this data to our Results website by midnight Sunday night. These result sheets are returned to the club the following week, placed in the Age Manager wheelie drawer labelled “Results”. It is essential that result forms are returned in case of website troubles, discrepancies, errors or athlete queries. Many Age Managers take a photo of the original results and use this to enter on their home pc rather than taking the sheet home.

  • If your group is on pack up of an event, please ensure that your allocated pack up is done.

During the season useful information will be placed on this page. If you have any suggestions please let us know. We hope the following link/s are helpful:

Age Helper Volunteers

Age Helpers are needed for each session to assist the Age Manager to look after the groups.  No athletic experience is required. 


2021/22 Tips for Volunteer Helpers

  • Athletes will need to be responsible for their own drink bottles this season (no carry baskets) so please ensure drink bottles are labelled, set apart from each other on the ground and collected after each event and before our champions go home.

  • We need to reduce risk groups cross-contamination, so please help ensure the age group remain together when transitioning between events and stop them from physically interacting with another age group.

  • Kids love to wrestle and play but right now we’re trying to limit physical contact so please remind them to try and keep their hands to themselves and save the cuddles for their families. When waiting for events, try to get them to sit 1.5m apart.

  • While we have a lot of signage and ropes around, we appreciate that all the new processes can be hard to remember so please check with any parent that is within the roped perimeter that they have signed in and confirmed their contact details with staff/covid safety officer at the main entrance.

  • Help our athletes sanitise their hands when arriving at each new activity.

  • Kids needing to go to the toilet need to be accompanied by a parent/carer. This season we need to limit the number of athletes going to the toilet together to 4 at a time where possible. Only 2 athletes can be inside the bathroom at a time and the ones waiting need to socially distance.

  • Being an Age Manager is like herding cats at times so please help them to move the athletes through and between their events in a time efficient manner. We appreciate firm and respectful guidance.

  • Supporting our coaches is important. Encouraging tips and demonstrations for athletes are great.

  • Finally, your safety is really important to us so please use hand sanitiser frequently, maintain your social distancing where possible and report any concerns you may have to the covid safety officer.

 CANTEEN will be available.