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Zone Championships

Springwood District Little Athletics is part of the Western Ranges Zone. A Zone carnival is held annually with progression to our Regional carnival for qualifiers. Blue Mountains Zone Championships are held annually. These are part of the Little Athletics Association NSW (LAANSW) program.

Under 6 athletes do not compete at Zone. All athletes Under 7 athletes and older are eligible to participate in up to 4 events (total), however, there is also a limit of 4 athletes from each club per event.

SDAC will provide details of the Zone Program as soon as possible, and we will also make it available on this club's website.

This year the Zone carnival for 2022/23 is on the 10th & 11th of December.


Western Ranges Zone (R3)

Regional Championships

​Under 6 and 7 athletes do not compete at Regional level.

Medalists (first 2 place getters) from Under 8 athletes and older in each event at the Zone Championships are eligible to compete in this competition.

This year the Regional carnival for 2022/23 is on the 4th & 5th of February.



Western Ranges Zone (R3)

State Track & Field Championships

Under 6, 7 and 8 athletes do not compete at State level.

Medalists at Regional Championships from Under 9 athletes and older will be eligible to compete at the State Championships which will be held in March at Sydney Athletic Centre, Homebush Bay.

This year the State Little Athletic carnival for 2022/23 is on the 18th & 19th of March.

State Team – Australian Little Athletics Championships


The ALAC (Australian Little Athletics Championships) is a two-day event held every year in April.  The event is hosted by each State or Territory on a rotational basis. All States and Territories, with the exception of the Northern Territory, are represented at the championships.

State Relay Championships

The State Relay Championships is the largest event on the LANSW calendar in terms of number of competitors. As the name suggests the Championships are comprised entirely of relay events. The State Relays are held in November each year. Juniors (U8 to U11), compete on the Saturday and Seniors (U12 to U17) compete on the Sunday. The Championships are usually held at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre.

State Combined Events Carnival


The State Combined Events Carnival is held on the first weekend in March each year, at a regional venue. At this carnival, athletes participate in ALL of the events on offer for their age group and points are allocated for performances recorded in each event, based on the Little Athletics NSW Multi-Event Pointscore tables/system. The points across all events conducted for each age group are added together to determine final results. Entries are ONLINE only. There are no refunds following initial close of entry.

This year the State Little Athletic carnival for 2022/23 is on the 4th & 5th of March.

State Cross Country & Road Walk Championships


The State Cross-Country & Road Walks were, up until 2015, held on the first Sunday in July each year. In 2016 Little Athletics NSW and Athletics NSW combined and held two separate events Athletes in the U7 through to U17 age groups are eligible to enter the State Cross-Country. Athletes in the U9 through to U17 age groups are eligible to enter the State Road Walks. Entries are made online. There is no refund after initial close of entry.

Uniforms at Championships

Every athlete competes in full Springwood District Athletic Clubs uniform with all patches.  These include:

  • This season’s Registration number on the front

  • Age patch on the left leg

  • Red Coles patch on the right shoulder

All borders on each of the patches must be showing.  Please pay careful attention to the placement of these patches as can be seen in the photos on our “Uniforms” page  – here.


  • Competitors up to and including U10 age group ARE NOT PERMITTED to wear spike shoes in any event

  • Competitors in the U11‐U17 age groups may wear spike shoes in events run entirely in lanes, long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.

  • Competitors in the U13-U17 age groups may wear spike shoes in all of the events listed above as well as events not run entirely within lanes, except walks.

  • If skins or similar compression garments are worn under the Centre uniform please ensure no logo is visible.

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