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Uniform Prices as at September 2020

​PRODUCT            //       SIZES      //       PRICE

Crop Tops                         4 – 14                $30

                                               S,M,L                  $30

Bike Pants                         4 – 12                $35

                                                S – XL                $35

Running Shorts              4 – 12                $35

                                                S – XL                $35

Lycra Singlet                    4 – 12                $40

                                                S – XL                $40

Singlets                              4 – 12                $35

                                                S – XL                $35


3 different designs (knee high, crew length or high ankle) and we have 2 sizes available Medium or Large


  • Medium size socks fit:   4-9 (men) or 3-8 (women)

  • Large size socks fit:         10-13 (men) or 9-12 (women)


  • Crew Length Socks          $15 (1 pair)

  • High Ankle Socks              $15 (1 pair)

  • Knee High Socks               $18 (1 pair)


Blue Mountain Athletics Uniform Seniors Prices

Products and prices as listed above (same as little A’s uniform)


SDAC AND BMA JACKET (optional): Need to put order in with uniform officers if interested

Size: 4-2XL. Cost $60 (without name)

Size: 4-2XL. Cost $65 (with name)$65

For enquiries on Blue Mounatians Athletics uniforms please contact:


Training Nights:

Spikes may be worn for 100m sprints, hurdles, and long jump training only. Trainers/running shoes should be worn at all other times.


Competition Nights:

Spikes may be worn for 100m, 200m, 400m (only when run entirely in lanes), hurdles, long jump and high jump.

Athletes must not wear their spikes to every event. Athletes should wear appropriate training footwear (runners) as these will be needed for warm ups, longer running events and throwing events. Spikes must be carried separately (in a spike bag) and only put on when the age manager or coach instructs them to do so just before the event.

Spikes for Championships:

  • Competitors up to and including U10 age group ARE NOT PERMITTED to wear spike shoes in any events

  • Competitors in the U11‐U17 age groups may wear spike shoes in events run entirely in lanes, long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.

  • Competitors in the U13-U17 age groups may wear spike shoes in all of the events listed above as well as events not run entirely within lanes, except walks.

Spike Rules for Training & Competition at Tom Hunter Track:

ONLY “CHRISTMAS TREE’ spikes (also called compression tiered spikes) are allowed to be used in spike shoes on the track.

Needle, pyramid or cone spikes are NOT permitted.

CHRISTMAS TREE (See image below)

Maximum spike lengths:

Running activity maximum of 7mm

Throw and Jump activity maximum of 9mm

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